Floris Heemskerk

A composer and artist, writing music for film and independent projects

Floris Heemskerk is a driven composer and artist from Amsterdam with a profound love for film music. He recently returned from a transformative journey to Los Angeles, where he worked as an intern under the guidance of esteemed composer Vidjay Beerepoot. This opportunity allowed him to immerse himself in the rich landscape of the film industry in Los Angeles, delving deep into the intricacies of the craft while assisting Vidjay on his latest film project.

After this journey to Los Angeles, Floris returned to the Netherlands to continue his Music & Technology bachelor at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. Currently, he's working on several short films, which will premiere later this year. Aside from his passion for scoring to picture, Floris channels his creativity into writing music as an independent artist. His compositions are often inspired by nature and influenced by classical music and jazz. Among his latest works is an interactive piece for a small ensemble featuring clarinet, violin, and himself on piano. Alongside these projects, he is writing a series of solo piano works.